If your School District does not have a VISHING FIREWALL you are exposed. Districts are facing increased public backlash that is holding school administration and School Boards
responsible for disruptions that are preventable.

Most school districts have protected their data from viruses and malware risks. New threats and scams that use a combination of vishing (telephone) and phishing (malware) are one of the fastest growing trends in the education market.

The average financial losses are much larger and the disruptions often result in districts being held for ransom and losing critical instructional hours. We have partnered with Cisco to provide a vishing firewall solution that helps reduce or eliminate these new threats.

Assisting School Districts In Managing School Safety..!!

Protect your School phone network on contact center from TDoS attacks,
robocalls, phone spoofing, fraud, and other threats.

Call Security & Trust

Vishing Security + Call Authentication

Let’s Understand what a Threat could Cost your School

Use this free tool to quickly calculate your exposure
Click here and calculate the cost of a potential event happening or simply analyze what a previous event cost your district.
We provide a report specific to your School District from our database of over 100,000 schools.

Prevent Threats and Unwanted Calls

• Bomb Threats and Swating
• Voice Security
• Pranks and Scams
• Debt Collectors

We have partnered with Cisco to provide a solution that protects against these new threats.

Why SAM’s Important ?

Threats Affect
Student Outcome

An average school district losses 7000+ instructional hours per threat

A single threat costs the average school district $45,000

Our per student price
model makes
budgeting simple

SAM delivers a unified voice security firewall and a threat prevention program. It prevents/reduces
vishing, phoned in bomb threats, social media threats, threats left on notes in schools, bank fraud,
through an affordable program that scales to any size district

Companies Keep Us

Some of the most trusted companies put their faith
in us to protect them against vishing and other voice
enabled frauds and threats.

Devnet Partners


Bomb Threats

Active Shooter Threat

Prank Calls


Financial Supremacy

Unwanted Marketing

Debt Collectors

Seamless Implementation

SAM (School Access Manager) interfaces to standard voice gateways/phone
systems and does not rely on any proprietary hardware.

SAM maintains a global threat database with over 1.5 million known voice threats.
On average an additional 20,000 – 40,000 voice threats are discovered per day.

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    SAM® (School Access Manager) assists school districts in preventing and managing telephone threats and improving school safety

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